filmscreening: Shrinking Spaces – Forgotten Sudan

filmscreening and discussion with Eythar Gubara – filmmaker and activist
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The film will be shown in Arabic/Sudanese Language with English subtitles. The talk will be held in English.

Sabren - صابرين means patience in sudanese arabic. Patience and resilience are the key skills that Sudanese need to have these days. Sabren is also the title of the short movie by Eythar Gubara, a Sudanese filmmaker based in Hamburg. During the event, the movie will let you dive into the inside of the protests in Sudan in 2021-2022. Additionally voices from the Resistance Committee from Sudan will build the connection to recent developments in the country. A discussion together with the audience will create room for exchange and brainstorming how to break the shrinking spaces in future.

The event is part of the W3_Project Solidarisch Handeln Lernen. More information